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Tiny Treasures Newborn Services 

Deborah A Oakes, RNC,MNN. IBCLC
Certified Registered Nurse, Newborn Care Specialist & Certified Lactation Consultant

Serving Broward and Palm Beach counties


    Debbie Oakes
    Newborn Nurse & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

    Welcome to Tiny Treasures Newborn Services. My name is Debbie Oakes.  I am the mother of two grown children and have been a Certified Registered Nurse, in the field of Maternal Newborn,  for 30 years. I have ample experience dealing with any potential complications associated with delivery as well as postpartum.  I have also been an Internationally Board Certified as a Certified Lactation Consultant for the past 12 years. If breastfeeding is your feeding of choice, my experience as a lactation consultant will help you tremendously. I have successfully assisted thousands of mothers with various issues they have had while breastfeeding.

    Taking care of mothers and newborns in all types of settings is my passion. My job is to support your needs, including the needs of both mother and newborn, during the first few weeks of life, or longer, if needed.  With my help, the transition of welcoming a new baby into your home will go as smoothly as possible. I will be there, live and in person, to teach you all the skills needed to be happy and engaged new parents.  I will provide excellent guidance for you as well as outstanding care for your newborn until you feel comfortable moving forward without my assistance. 


    I can be there 24/7 starting the day you come home after delivery.


    I have experience with special needs and premature infants. 


    I am also available to assist overnight. Sleep deprivation and Postpartum depression can be reduced with my service and support.  

    Contact me for pricing or with any other questions you may have.

    Newborn Care Specialist Services

    Newborn care includes but is not limited to the following services:

    • Circumcision care

    • Treatment of jaundice (following a doctor's or medical professional's orders)

    • Sleeping and feeding routines

    • Bathing

    • Cord care

    • Provide assistance as a liaison between you and your doctor/medical professional including attendance at appointments with you

    I am happy to create a customized care plan based on your specific and individual needs!

    Baby Sleeping
    Playing with Baby

    Certified Registered Nurse - Home Care Services

    Providing Helping Hands for Moms or Specialized Care for Mom's Well-Being

    I am available to provide care in your home, in person, for both mother and infant.  I can provide care 24/7 based on your needs. Alternatively, I can provide care just a few hours per day or night.


    I am also available to assist with light meals or with errands.


    My job is to make your life easier in any way possible. I will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to enjoy your newborn.  You will be prepared for the next step in your baby's development.


    I will be here for you whenever you need me, whether that be in person, through text, phone, zoom, or email. 

    Baby Breastfeeding

    Certified Lactation Consultant

    Serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties

    As an IBCLC,  I have met the eligibility requirements and passed an independent examination which requires me to possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide quality breastfeeding assistance to mothers and babies. I use a problem-solving approach to provide accurate information and create a plan of care. The plan of care is relayed to your infant's pediatrician or other health care professional. I will observe your breastfeeding session, provide pre and post-weight of your baby, assist with pumping, and storage of your breast milk, and provide a full written plan. Follow-up available if needed.


    These services are also available at a per visit rate.

    Baby Breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding Resources

    What Mom's Have to Say

    N. Williams

    "Debbie helped my family and I during the postpartum period for both my babies, 2.5 years old and 5 months old.  To be honest, I don't think she has ever stopped helping us!  Any time I have a new question/concern/issue, she comes to save the day and I will be forever be thankful for her.  While breastfeeding both babies, I have had an issue with oversupply and fast flow. This was very overwhelming and frustrating and I had so much anxiety over it. However, with my first, Preston, I didn't think I could make it one more day.  Debbie helped us with different positions to try feeding to make things easier for me and better and easier for Preston too. We took things day by day, -issues like mastitis and clogs would arise and she would help me with how to get rid of the clogs, supplementation, etc.  Low and behold, with the help of Debbie, we make our breastfeeding journey for 17 months. She even helped me while I was weaning Preston to make it a smooth transition and it truly was such an easy process! We had issues with my second, with tongue tied, and I was ready to throw in the towel, but Debbie helped me to push through knowing that ultimately that was my goal.  We are still going strong.  Debbie has been my #1 supporter through both my breastfeeding journeys and I am beyond grateful for her help, support and encouragement. On days that I thought I couldn't go on, she was there to pick me up and remind me what a great job I was doing.  I 10/10 recommend Debbie for any and all postpartum help.  You will not be disappointed.  You would be missing out if you didn't give her the opportunity to help you and your family during this sometimes overwhelming, exhausting, and beautifully sweet times."

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